Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones are regarded as two of the creative industry’s leading artists in image making and film. They began their collaboration in 1998, intrigued by the possibilities of combining photographic art forms and digital domains.

Their distinctive and disruptive approach in visual communication and experimentation pushes boundaries to create striking and highly original hyper-visual artworks for the worlds of beauty, fashion and music. Their philosophy informs levels of abstraction and mystery that resonate and challenge notions of beauty.

Warren Du Preez

Hometown:Johannesburg, South Africa
Currently resides:London
Definition of Fearless:Tilley, my 4-year-old daughter
Most reliable source of inspiration:Simplicity and my family
Personal signature style:Freeform undercover
Never leave home without:A plan

“There’s trust and conviction behind everything Sebastian do – that encourages you to push your own limits and explore your strengths.“

Nick Thornton Jones

Currently resides:London
Definition of Fearless:Not being afraid to reform reality
Most reliable source of inspiration:The Symbolists
Personal signature style:Escapism
Never leave home without:Your keys – they are a great metaphor for life

“When you’re working as a team you form a creative handshake – there’s a true sense of collaboration here.”

Warren & Nick have collaborated with brands and artists including Bjork, Massive Attack, Alexander McQueen and BMW. Their work has appeared in Vogue and Dazed and Confused as well as The Tate and Colette Paris.