Born in Florida and based in the Big Apple, Courtney and Philip Crangi have twisted the traditions of jewelry design to create an empire of edgy and exquisite accessories that reaches round the world. As Giles & Brother, their united vision encompasses everything from estate jewelry to textile design. Inspired to join the Sebastian movement, the dynamic collaborators teamed with our own to keep the cult alive.

Authentic artisanal work is the bedrock of Giles & Brother. Each piece is marked with a personality, and imbued with a talismanic touch. Formed in a well-worn workshop that could have emerged from another century, the Crangis’ jewelry is nonetheless effortlessly contemporary.

“A piece of jewelry should be very personal. Ideally, you’ll always wear it, and jewelry has a life of its own: It changes, shows signs of wear, patina, it might be passed on to someone else.”